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The Junior class is designed to introduce children to the positive side of life as well as martial arts. These classes provide a solid foundation for children to build on, embracing key character development skills such as self-discipline, awareness, improved focus & motivation.


Parents have noticed marked improvements

in their childrens progress at school and at

home as a direct result of our class, our

instructors are dedicated to teaching children the important values required to pave the  way for a bright future.


Starting at around 8 years old, juniors will be educated in many other aspects of life in

addition to their martial arts training. Our

instructors work to develop good concentration, a positive outlook, a polite personality and an attitude that is eager to achieve.


At this crucial time we also concentrate on anti-bully skills, the danger of strangers and temper recognition. With our anti-bullying campaign students are taught how to prevent bullying with positive behaviour, body language and social skills. Through roll playing students will learn how to avoid becoming a victim and how to use, as a last resort, their self-defence skills.


In this competitive world that we live in, where physical activity and mind / body stimulation have been replaced with hours in front of a computer screen, there has never been a more important time to consider the martial arts.individual students on a private lesson basis if required.


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