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(Combat Submission Wrestling)

For the last twenty-two years, Erik Paulson has studied the art of grappling. Having gained worldwide fame competing in many pay-per-view, no-holds-barred tournaments, he is now undefeated in Japan where he is the World Light-Heavyweight Shootwrestling Champion.
Erik’s system, Combat Submission Wrestling, blends grappling techniques and concepts from Judo, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling with techniques and submissions from Shootwrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo and Catchascatchcan, as well as striking from Boxing, Muay Thai & French Savate. Erik is famous for his unbelievable repertoire of submission holds and is recognized as a virtual encyclopedia of leg locks. Using many skill & attribute drills each art offers different elements to the CSW system.

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