March 16, 2019

Two students smashing it today at Kleos, Ben Adams & Robbie Burns stepping up a level to test themselves at the next level. Robbie Burns taking Bronze out of 15 (and having man flu) Ben just missed a medal taking 4th place out of 21. Well done guys hard work paying of.

March 15, 2019

Once had a guy that trained Traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu tell me BJJ would never catch on, won’t embarass him as he’s in the photo. Thursday night Jits

March 12, 2019

Tuesday lunch time BJJ class, well done guys, basics basics basics, drilling 6 count armbar from guard & armbar stack to escape followed by 40 mins sparring —

March 9, 2019

Well done to all the guys competing at the Bedford BJJ comp today. Some very hard fought matches in some tough divisions, Ben Adams Gold, Mickey Rawlinson Gold, Steve Johnson Silver, Robbie Burns 4th (some great Judo throws), Also Ben & Steve Bronze in absolute.

March 7, 2019

Just a reminder, no Judo or BJJ classes tonight due to the David Onuma seminar

March 6, 2019

Guys we have 3 places left for tomorrows BJJ Master class with David Onuma

March 5, 2019

BJJ Comp training tonight, getting ready for Bedford on Sat

March 3, 2019

Great day today Instructor training at CFS BJJ HQ, always learning. Thanks to David Onuma and all the guys

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