March 1, 2019

Thursday nights BJJ comp training, well done guys a long night of rolling

February 25, 2019

Monday Night is Jeet Kune Do night
Visit to register for 1 week Free trial
Mat 1
5.30 5-8yrs Juniors Jeet Kune Do
6.20 9-13yrs Juniors Jeet Kune Do
7.30 Adult JKD/Kali
8.30 Adult Kick/Thai Boxing
Mat 2
5.45 6.15 Mixfit HIT Fitness
7-8 Krav Maga

April 29, 2018

Big shout and well done to everyone that competed and medaled at yesterdays Bedford open. Standard of competitor was very high so the guys did well Mickey silver, Jay silver and Tom bronze.

September 4, 2016

Great business course once again with Matt Chapman. All the ideas and stratergies can be applied to any business. Lots learned, lots to do

July 22, 2016

Beginners classes starting soon, pleas register for 1 week FREE training

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