March 13, 2019

Wednesday night at Academy of Martial Arts.
6.20 Juniors Jeet Kune Do 9-12yrs
7.30 Adult Kick / Thai Boxing
8.30 BJJ No-Gi

March 8, 2019

Great Master class last night with David Onuma, we covered sweeps from Half guard but using the cross grip. Thanks everyone for the support. Congrats to the six that got promoted to Blue Bel

March 5, 2019

BJJ Comp training tonight, getting ready for Bedford on Sat

February 27, 2019

Junior Jeet Kune Do 9-13yrs 6.20
Kick / Thai Boxing 7.30
BJJ No-Gi 8.30

February 23, 2019

Got to give the guys a huge well done at todays Northampton BJJ comp. Fighting some top guys they all held their own with all receiving a medal.
Dean Hardwick - Gold
Robbie Burns - Silver
Mark Luckett - Silver
Ben Adams Silver & Bronze in Absolute
Steve Johnson- Silver

February 22, 2019

Good luck to all the guys fighting tomorrow at the Northampton BJJ comp

February 13, 2019

Wednesday night
6.20 Jeet Kune Do juniors 9-12yrs
7.30 Adult Kick/Thai Boxing
8.30 Adult BJJ NoGi

January 22, 2019

Adult 7.30 MMA No Gi
Adult 8.30 BJJ

January 17, 2019

I’ve probably got about 15 students that have trained continuously with me for over 18 years, good to see them back in the striking classes, Oss

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