September 30, 2019

BJJ comp training tonight from 8pm for all those that have entered the Southend No-Gi

September 22, 2019

Another great day @ Kleos with some tough competitors in huge categories. Matt MacGuire Gold brown belt, Lewis Renney bronze purple belt, well earned 4th place for Dean Hardwick. Well done guys

September 21, 2019

Another great day today @ Kleos for CFS BJJ Stevenage, Meli Rose taking Gold in her first No Gi comp, Ben Adams taking silver in the absolute & Robbie Burns taking 4th out of a group of 17. Well done guys

September 20, 2019

Wow what fantastic seminar with Ross Nicholls, 2 hours of heel hooks, want to thank everyone that supported the event & of course Ross & his incredible patience teaching us

September 18, 2019

Reminding everyone there are no adult classes tomorrow as we have the Ross Nicholls BJJ Master class seminar

September 17, 2019

Registration closing soon

September 13, 2019

Thursday night Jits
www.andynugent .com for full timetable

September 12, 2019

Thursday night is JUDO night, covering syllabus work tonight
Visit for full timetable
5.30 Jeet Kune Do juniors 5-7yrs
6.20 Jeet Kune Do juniors 8-12yrs
7.30 Judo adults
8.30 BJJ adults

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