May 31, 2019

open mat tonight @ 7pm

May 31, 2019

Had a great day teaching theses guys some ‘officer safety training’ control & restraint done properly, great effort guys

May 30, 2019

Great early morning Judo session with Graeme Welsh & Dave Gooderham 90mins drilling Tai Otoshi

May 29, 2019

Tonight @ Andy Nugents Academy of Martial Arts
6.20 Jeet Kune Do (juniors)
7.30 Kick/Thai Boxing
8.30 BJJ No-Gi
For full timetable visit

May 28, 2019

So having spent 4 weeks covering armbars from various positions we only have a few days left before we move onto a new subject

May 27, 2019

Couple of Ippons from Saturdays Judo comp

May 23, 2019

Thursday night
5.30 Jeet Kune Do juniors 5-8yrs
6.20 Jeet Kune Do juniors 9-12yrs
7.30 Judo adults
8.30 BJJ adults
Visit for full timetable

May 22, 2019

Wednesday night classes.
Visit to register for 1 week FREE trial
6.20 Jeet Kune Do juniors 8-12yrs
7.30 Kick / Thai Boxing
8.30 BJJ no-gi

May 22, 2019

Well done to Nick Flood & Csaba Varsany on passing their yellow belt kickboxing grading #kickboxing #bjj #junior #martialarts

May 21, 2019

Good work today guys at the lunch time class

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