December 28, 2017

Few pics from 2017, been quite a year

December 28, 2017

Guys tonight last training session before new year BJJ 7 till 8.30 then of to Nando's

December 15, 2017

Class times over Christmas

Sunday 24th Dec closed
Monday 25th Dec closed
Tuesday 26th Dec closed...
Wednesday 27th Dec closed
Thursday 28th Dec Open BJJ 7 till 8.30 then Nandos
Sunday 31st Dec closed
Monday 1st Jan closed
Tuesday 2nd Jan all classes back to normal

December 8, 2017

SATURDAYS ARE COMING TO MMA KRAV MAGA STEVENAGE!! starting in the new year we will now be offering a Saturday morning class 10am - 11am kick start your new year and weekends the right way by getting a good workout in!

December 8, 2017

Daniel Stanleys Judo monsters, average age over 40, training hard for January comp

December 5, 2017

Well done to all juniors that took part in their Jeet Kune Do grading last night, Thanks to all the instructors that helped out. Results next lesson

December 1, 2017

Guy's don't forget no BJJ classes on Sunday night due to the De La Riva seminar. Leaving the gym at 11am Sun if you need a lift

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