December 31, 2015


You know you've had a great roll when there's so much steam you can't see anyone. Well done guys last lesson for 2015. #BJJ #Shefford  #letchworth   #Hitchin   #stevenage



December 30, 2015

Always loved running in Lanzarote, miss those hills



December 29, 2015

Check out timetable for BJJ lessons Gi and No Gi



December 28, 2015

Guys, if you know anyone that wants to get fit, improve their confidence & self esteem and of course make new friends please share. FREE training for new students in January



December 22, 2015

Well done Samuel Stone, student of the month, junior classes Mon & Thurs Letchworth Hertfordshire



December 18, 2015


Guys Christmas dates for training
Tue 22nd Dec last training session (with special guest instructor)
Wed 30th BJJ class at Shefford, members only TBC
Mon 4th Jan back as normal

Thanks to everyone that has supported the club & myself in 2015. Been one of the best years...

December 17, 2015

CFS BJJ Letchworth, Timetable @!timetable/cjg9



December 15, 2015

Check out timetable for Tuition in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Kick/Thai Boxing, MMA, BJJ, Submission Wrestling



December 15, 2015

Since I started teaching full time back in Jan so many new doors have opened up for me and given me the opportunity to train with some wonderful people. Today I had my first private in western boxing with Paul Day of Stevenage Boxing (used to be Barry McGuigans sparrin...

December 14, 2015


No messing with George Foreman, just finished reading his biography

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