November 30, 2015



Pleased to be able to release the first video from Metre Ricardo de la Riva's trip to the UK. This first video contains some of his latest concepts regarding his words famous guard. Enjoy

November 29, 2015

Thanks to Matt Chapman of Masters Academy for running the martial arts buisness course



November 28, 2015

Date for you're diary, contact via email for info



November 27, 2015

With nearly 35 years of training in the martial arts & achieving 7 black belts in various styles I always feel excited & get a buzz from putting on a white belt and starting at the beginning.
Judo, always thought it was boring & non technical, little did I know. Th...

November 26, 2015



November 24, 2015

Over 200 students attended the JKD reunion seminar



November 23, 2015

Everyone working hard,


controlled sparring with takedown practise

November 22, 2015

Special day with special people



November 20, 2015

BJJ Letchworth Hitchin Stevenage, Well done to all the guys that received stripes on their belts, Keep up the hard work guys



November 19, 2015

Beginners to advanced all welcome



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