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Jeet Kune Do

The translation of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is ‘Way of the intercepting fist’ and was a term coined by Bruce Lee in the late sixties. By drawing from a number of martial arts styles Bruce Lee devised a unique fighting method that incorporated all the combat ranges. No longer was a student limited to one particular style or set of rules, allowing them to train and develop their own attributes and fighting method in all ranges. Using Jun Fan Gung Fu as its foundation, Jeet Kune Do has developed as a modern fighting art. The student is taught how to blend and flow from one range to another using his/her own strengths, enabling them to recognise their weaknesses which may require further work. The JKD classes bring together a blend of Jun Fan, Thai/Kick Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts and CSW/BJJ.


Jun Fan Gung Fu (JFGF) was the original art developed by Bruce Lee, taking its name from Bruce Lee’s Chinese name of ‘Lee Jun Fan’ combined with the Cantonese spelling of the term Kung Fu (Gung Fu). JFGF incorporates four ranges of combat, kicking, punching, trapping and grappling with training methods that are both practical and economical. Some of the arts that Bruce Lee was influenced by were Western boxing, Wing Chun, Ju-Jitsu and more traditional kicking methods from Japanese and Korean arts. JFGF focuses strongly on the development of attributes such as speed, timing, body mechanics and co-ordination. The use of focus mitts, kicking shields, energy drills and progressive sparring make this a formidable and effective art.

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